19th June 2022
NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS ©️Dr Bindu Menon Foundation BMR Colony Iskapalli
Motto – WE REACH, WE TEACH, WE TREAT ©️Dr Bindu Menon Foundation was followed.
Patients were given an awareness programme and then free camp with screening of BP, sugar, height, weight, BMI, Diet counselling, stroke, epilepsy and other neurological disorders with distribution of medicines was done.
Physiotherapy was taught to stroke patients by Shalini Praveen Vedantham Sincere thanks to Dr Naveen Kumar, Nursing students from Dileef college of Nursing and all my team members for smooth conduction of the camp.
Sincere thanks to Shree beeda Ramesh, MsSasi Rekha MPP
Shree Ranjith sarpanch for all the help extended for the camp.
It is time to act on the neglected NCDs.🙏🏻
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