Simhapuri Hospitals 06-06-2014

A stroke alert team under the supervision of Prof Bindu Menon Senior neurologist has been launched in Simhapuri hospital. Speaking on the occasion Prof Bindu Menon said that every 2 seconds someone in the world is suffering from stroke.Every 6 seconds there is either a death or permanent disability from stroke.Stroke is a medical emergency and public need to first reduce the symptoms of stroke, recognise the symptoms and later respond immediately to the symptoms. To reduce the symptoms a Stroke Prevention clinic has been started on every Tuesday where patients can come fasting and get themselves evaluated for their stroke risk. Secondly to recognise the symptoms hoardings with the symptoms of stroke has been displayed in 6 strategic areas of nellore. Patients who have symptoms of stroke like sudden onset difficulty in talking, weakness or numbness of one sided limbs, facial deviation, severe sudden headache, unsteady gait, vision disturbance, altered sensorium can call on the stroke alert team number 8008404108 within the city limits. The ambulance with duty medical officer and emergency technician will reach the patients place and access the patient and transport while giving any first aid if required.The stroke team will be alerted in simhapuri hospital and they will expedite the treatment on arrival. Prof Bindu Menon said the basis behind the stroke alert team is the concept that time is brain and we need to save the salvagable brain once stroke has occured. As there is a medicine called Tissue plasminogen activator which if the patient comes within a stipulated time can revert symptoms in some cases. The stroke team under the supervision of Dr Bindu Menon includes Dr Srinivas Intensivist; Dr Bhaktavatsala reddy cardiologist, Dr Sowmya radiologist, duty medical officers, anaesthetist, physiotherapist Dr Shalini and Dr Varun and the allied staff. The stroke alert team is for stroke medical emergency and is one of its first kind in the country.