About Dr Bindumenon Foundation

Dr. Bindu Menon foundation was started on 26th august 2013. The foundation is a non-profit organization with the focus on awareness and reducing the treatment gap of neurological disorders particularly stroke and epilepsy.

Neurology on wheels

A novel project ‘NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS’ which is first time in the country has been started by the foundation. The ‘NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS’ is a rural oriented project. The team of the foundation visits the interior villages. The village head is intimated about the camp in advance. The motto followed the foundation is WE REACH, WE TEACH AND WE TREAT. After reaching the village awareness programme is held for all the people attending the camp. The talk is tailored to stroke and epilepsy where recognition of diseases and compliance of medicines is emphasized.

We Reach, We Teach, We Treat

NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS is the flagship project initiated by the foundation, marking a first in the country. This rural-oriented initiative involves the foundation's team visiting interior villages, where the village head is informed about the camp in advance. The motto followed by our foundation is "WE REACH, WE TEACH, WE TREAT."








Educating Women About Neurological Diseases

EduWAND is a dedicated initiative aimed at increasing awareness and education about neurological diseases among women. Recognizing the unique health challenges that women face, EduWAND seeks to empower women with the knowledge and resources needed to understand, prevent, and manage neurological conditions.

Our Innovations

Stroke Connect

An ischemic stroke or brain attack occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is blocked and hence the brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Brain cells begin to die in minutes.​

Stroke Help

Dr Bindu Menon Foundation brings you these exercises in an attempt to help patients and caregivers to support in their journey of stroke. Patients are requested to do all the exercises under supervision.

Epilepsy Help

This comprehensive Epilepsy App empowers individuals with epilepsy to efficiently record and manage their seizure history, seamlessly incorporate medications, and receive timely pill reminders.

Sa Re Ga Ma

Stroke Symptoms inTelugu Acronym in Musical Notation with Dr SP Balasubrahmanyam Sir.

Recognize STROKE symptoms EARLY and SAVE your BRAIN

Health Camps


Medical Camps


Patients per month with medicine


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