It was a great honour for me to introduce our second book on Artificial Intelligence to esteemed Dr Pratap Reddy
My 4th blog The Language of Love
Wonderful to have been part of the Epilepsy school conference in Varanasi – an incredible gathering of insights, collaboration, and
Heartfelt gratitude for this wonderful blog Josmi Jose at StartThrive Media #startthrivemedia #drbindumenonfoundation #neurologyonwheels https://www.facebook.com/StartThriveMedia/posts/pfbid0NbX2TwxLrdHDm6QGWEkXbd1RLr5MwWY1F3Z49EvzVk3YdmJQmeHy9WZcyYgud7zPl
Global Brain Health Clinical Exchange Platform
Delighted to be part of the 11th International Patient Safety Conference, where valuable interactions, exchanges, and learning took place to
Our latest book available on Amazon “ Machine learning and Deep learning in Neuroimaging data analysis”. Plus, if you missed