Nellore doctor receives IMA Doctors Day award
July 3, 2023
116th Medical camp
July 15, 2023
Humans of medicare
Thank you so much @Humans of medicare for this write up and video
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“Considering the vast spectrum and the widened scope of care the department of medicine has, I took the plunge and went ahead with it and that wove my future beautifully.Everyone has a chapter in their life story which drove them towards the bigger picture. For me, interacting with the underprivileged was the turning point which led to the establishment of a foundation for them. I used to talk to the people below the poverty line, visit them, know about their families, the diseases and prevailing problems, render health care to them and that is when I realised how important it was for them to step forward and reach out to the health care workers.
Soon, we started a drive called “NEUROLOGY ON WHEELS”. Along with my hard working team, I used to move from place to place in Andhra Pradesh providing necessary health care to people deprived of facilities, examining them and the hazards they might be exposed to. It soon emerged as a useful medium for those who couldn’t afford consulting different doctors or approaching those in the corporate world.
I believe that along with our profession, we should also devote time towards something that brings solace to our heart. For me, it is poetry. I still remember that it was doctor’s day and I was travelling and how my thoughts were woven into a beautiful poem that day.
As a health care professional, I believe that our basic responsibility lies in doing no harm to the patient and above all, ‘Healing the patient’.We are looked upon by people as healers, and healing does not merely confine itself to diagnosing and treating, it encompasses a broader perspective of building rapport with the one suffering, providing them support and encouraging them at every point of time. Being a doctor is undoubtedly an extremely noble profession to be and everyday, I strive to make sure that I live up to the purity of medicine.”
Thanks to @drbindumenon ma’am for sharing her inspirational story with us and giving us the opportunity to share it with all the young medicos & Doctor’s on occasion of National Doctor’s Day 💙 🙌
Wishing you all a very Happy Doctor’s Day from Humans of Medicare ♥️

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