World Stroke day was celebrated for a whole month

World Stroke day was celebrated for a whole month. The theme of 1 in 6 (Because we care) was propagated. Focusing on the theme ‘Because we care’ the emphasis was on stroke prevention by the Axon Neuro and Rehab Care, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Free medical camps were held in the hospital and also at outreach areas. A total of 5 Medical camps covering a total of > 1200 persons above 40 years were screened. All patients underwent a detailed questionnaire regarding their dietary habits and physical activity. Blood pressure and plasma sugars were evaluated. Height and weight was checked and their BMI was calculated grading them as normal, overweight and obese. With all these risk factors evaluation the public were counseled regarding their stroke risk according to stoke risk card. Later all patients were given a short briefing on stoke regarding its symptoms, etiology and need for risk factors identification and modification. All patients interacted and cleared their doubts at all camps. The stroke risk score and the interaction helped the public to recognize and identify stroke symptoms and risk factors.